Systems Engineering

DMS Technology provides extensive systems engineering expertise and support throughout the system acquisition lifecycle. This expertise includes concept development, requirements definition, requirements verification, test support and execution, data analysis, modeling and simulation development and verification, interoperability and communications expertise, and system integration support. These applications are supported with high fidelity simulations and engineering tools, critical for providing high confidence, quantitative data for making system engineering design decisions. DMS Technology is also a leading authority in the design, development, and testing of "system of systems" architectures.

Program Support

DMS personnel participated in numerous test activities in the following facilities:

  • Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry
  • AEDC Tunnels A, C, F, …., AEDC Gun Tunnel G-range
  • NASA Marshall Tri-sonic Tunnel Facilities and NASA Marshall Impact Facility
  • Water Drop Shock tube, Hot Gas Facility
  • US Army/UAH Aerophysics Laboratory, US Air Force Holloman Sled Facility, CALSPAN Shock Tube Facility

Security Services

DMS is a long-time provider of DoD and other Security services including security escorts, security guards and administrative support activities. The security personnel were deployed in multiple states supporting the security in DoD and DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) agencies.

Software Tools and Services

Our software engineers apply state-of-the-art software design, development, integration, test, and configuration management technologies and processes to ensure the highest-quality solutions and customer satisfaction.

  • Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry
  • Solid Works, Solid Edge, SAP, BW, Oracle, C++, Java, Python
  • Big Data Implementation and Management, Cyber Security
  • GUI System Design and Development, Graphic Designs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

UAV/Drone Activities

Continue to expend IRAD resources to develop expertise in the UAV/drone design and operations, and seek opportunities to expand the business. Considered both quad and hex copters for standard operations lasting a few minutes and working with winged UAVs for extended operation lasting a few hours. In both sets of vehicles, the flight profiles were optimized to perform the required/specified operations. Power and other essential requirements were examined for the drones to be operational and effective in commercial applications. A simple parametric analysis of the UAV endurance with respect to the available battery power is provided here. DMS is applying for federal resources for using the winged UAV for atmospheric measurements including rain, ice, snow and aerosol. Currently, DMS is teamed up with Aerobat company of California to make design changes to the circular winged GeoBat including upgraded directional control in its flight.