US Army AMCOM Express Subcontractor

Weather encounter on high speed flight systems
Hypersonic vehicle aerothermal design

MDA (Subcontractor to Phase II)

High speed engagement and hit point accuracy

US Army (Phase II SBIR Award)

High speed surface measurement device
High speed non-invasive droplet cloud measurement device

US Navy (Phase I STTR Award)

Weather software tool

DARPA (Phase II SBIR Award)

Meta-material lens

SETAC subcontractor to US Army AMRDEC

Aerothermodynamics analysis

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Security management

Aerobat Aviation (Santa Barbara, CA)

Design upgrades added to the original winged GeoBat flight configuration

Radiance Technologies (Huntsville, AL)

I3, Inc. (AMCOM Express subcontractor)

Teledyne Brown Engineering (Huntsville, AL)

SDOS-RoCS fairing stress and thermal design

Teledyne Solutions, Inc. (Huntsville, AL)

MMRTG re-entry CFD analysis

Computer Science Corporation (IDIQ contract from the US AMCOM)

Aerodynamics work for missiles and helicopters

BAE Systems (MDA SETAC subcontractor)

Interceptor engagement analysis
Simulations/IV and V analysis

VACCO Industries (Los Angeles, CA)

Damage Tolerance Analysis

M. W. Kellogg, Brown and Root, PT and P, Inc. (Houston, Texas)

Pipe Design (PDS), engineering and management
Design, engineering, and project management using a myriad of engineering software


# Name Location
1 University of Alabama Alabama
2 A&M University Alabama
3 University of California, Santa Barbara California
4 University of California, San Diego California
5 University of Dayton Ohio